If you like what you hear, reach out to me at dylanjamesroth@gmail.com. I’m new to this and am motivated to work and grow my portfolio.

“Cyclo’s Wild Ride”

Short Animation Score for Jay Ackley

A charming silent stop-motion short about family, music, and growing up. Director Jay Ackley original scored the short himself, but then invited me to create a new version that more literally represented the music being performed on screen.

• Listen to the isolated score on SoundCloud


“And Once Again, the Data is Saved!”

Short Animation Score for DataDynamics

When dark data strikes fear into the heart of a corporate I.T. department, only StorageX man can save the day! This is the original score to a 2 1/2 minute animated short in VR depicting DataDynamics’ product StorageX rescuing a client from certain digital doom.

• Watch the VR short on YouTube



Theme to “Podcast Beyond”

The opening and closing theme music to the upcoming wrestling podcast “Podcast Beyond,” a spin-off of the scholarly wrestling history and analysis series “How Wrestling Explains the World.” This theme was inspired by 1980s pro-wrestling TV show themes, and by Jan Hammer’s Miami Vice.

• Listen to “How Wrestling Explains the World”

“Leaving the Village”


There’s a moment in many adventure games when a young hero must step out of the comfort of their home and embark on their grand journey. This sketch (created on my iPhone during a flight from New York to San Francisco) is inspired by such moments in games like Earthbound or the Legend of Zelda series.


“The Man Who Falls”


This is purely a piece of fan fiction—surely many composers have imagined what their original Batman opening titles might sound like, and while that would certainly depend on the tone of the specific work it’s written for, here I imagined a Batman film that was less of an action blockbuster and more of an eerie mystery (though still with some punching).